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We are a psychology service organization. Our professionals are skilled in performing psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and offer counseling, psychotherapy, and specialized mind-body medicine services. A Good Faith Estimate is Available by request.




NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL   EVALUATIONS are used to ascertain the presence of cognitive changes. ADHD and other attention and concentration problems, memory problems and reasoning/judgement problems are evaluated. HEG Biofeedback may help with some of these conditions.

I provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments for depression, stress and anxiety disorders.

Anxiety and Stress

I offer cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation exercises (diaphragmatic breathing) with Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback.

Mood Disorders

Mild and Major Depression may be alleviated with combinations of various psychotherapeutic interventions either alone or if needed with psychotropic medications.

Chronic Pain

Our bodies can alleviate pain by virtue of the endorphins it produces. Through Energy Psychology techniques, hypnosis and Biofeedback, pain may be alleviated.

Mind-Body Health Services

Call to find out more about our programs.
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